The new McDonald’s McPlant burger: A vegan victory or just more greenwashing?

The new McPlant burger.

The new McPlant burger.   –   Copyright  McDonald’s By Josey Vaughan-Hughes  •  Updated: 26/09/2021 – 07:45

Reviews have been mixed for McDonald’s highly anticipated plant-based burger, the McPlant.

Vegans have been pressuring the fast-food chain to join the meat-free movement for years, as the brand has historically been fairly lacking in vegan options.

“When will McDonald’s take climate change seriously and launch some vegan burgers?” asks a user on Twitter.

The certified vegan burger, due to hit selected stores from the end of this month, will feature a Beyond Meat patty and contain its own special vegan sauce and cheese.

The global chain has spent three years developing the McPlant and has even been accredited as vegan by the Vegetarian Society.

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