WORLD PEACE WEEKIN BERLINSeptember 17th – 21st 2021


„Like members, people are connected, as part of the whole, felt to be the same. If fate has given one member pain, the others will also perish in pain. Anyone who does not feel sorry for others is unworthy of being called human“

We are an association of people who care about world peace and the commitment to do something about it. We are a member of the German Society for the United Nations and part of the Peace Coalition ‘Peace One Day’, which is networked in over 100 countries. Berlin has to set an example.

Out of historical responsibility, as an international city with a concentrated cultural clash and the associated social challenges. As a German startup center with international employees.

Berlin needs a peaceful culture – cross-cultural, cross-religious, cross-generational – a unifying element not against something but FOR something. We have to create awareness of the fragility of this freedom, this peace that we can experience today in Berlin, in Germany.

Berlin should go ahead as ambassador. The focus of our work is the annual demonstration “World Peace Day”, a demo plus musical parade, on September 21, the UN World Peace Day, which we held for the first time in 2019 with almost 15,000 visitors. This made us the largest of over 642 events worldwide.

In the future, we are also planning further, smaller events that always have the topic of world peace as a background. We do not belong to a party, a religious community or the like and base our actions on the 17 sustainable goals of the UN.

We don’t want your money, we want your empathy and your hearts.


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