The global eco-wakening: how consumers are driving sustainability

• New research shows support for sustainable business is growing in both developed and developing economies.

• Many consumers believe brands bear as much responsibility for positive change as governments.

• Business must commit to protecting nature and natural systems.

Momentum has been building for some time around brand purpose – a reason to exist beyond making money. Now, given the latest research published today, we know that it’s no longer acceptable or smart to ignore sustainability in business.

It should be of considerable interest to the business community then that a key finding in a new global report from The Economist Intelligence Unit, commissioned by WWF, shows a staggering 71% rise in online searches for sustainable goods globally over the past five years.

This “eco-wakening” is not just occurring among consumers in high-income countries, but is also strong in developing and emerging economies, with an increase of 24% in Indonesia, for example, and a phenomenal rise of 120% in Ecuador.

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